Unforgettable Experience: A Day of Hiking and BBQ in Masta Village

On February 11th, 2023, the 9xero team took a break from their busy schedule and headed to Masta Village, a serene location just 10 km away from The Monal Restaurant. This outdoor adventure was a much-needed respite, surrounded by tranquil pine trees and a mild cold breeze.

The team started their hike early in the morning and were enthralled by the breathtaking views along the way. They were joined by Muhammad Umar, a marketing associate, who added to the atmosphere with his musical performance, singing songs and serving tea during the hike. The team covered a distance of over 10 km and the scenic views, along with the music, made the experience even more enjoyable.

After the hike, the team was ready for some delicious food. They indulged in a BBQ feast, featuring both chicken and fish, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The team also took part in cleaning up the area and left the place immaculate, showing their commitment to preserving the environment and taking care of the planet.

The 9xero team members returned home refreshed and happy, having had a great time and stress-relieving experience. The team also made a positive impact on the local community by hiring people from the village to help with the event, providing them with an opportunity to earn money. The Admin & HR team, Abdul Basit (Head of Department) and Wajid (Assistant to HOD), were highly appreciated by the team for their wonderful preparations and for choosing the perfect spot for the retreat.

In conclusion, the hiking and BBQ trip to Masta Village was an unforgettable experience for the 9xero team. The combination of exercise, delicious food, music, and nature made for a perfect day and the team is already looking forward to their next outdoor adventure.

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