How Khayal Properties Generated 8,200+ Leads and Achieved a 1.6% Conversion Rate

A Quick Glance at What We Have Achieved.

6 Million + Impressions

8200 + Leads

650K + Reach

40% Ads Cost Optimization

34K + Clicks

1.75% Conversion Ratio

Khayal Properties launched a luxury housing project in Bahria Phase 8, after delivering Minara on G.T Road. Khayal Properties is a real estate developer in UAE & Pakistan, specializing in providing high-quality residential apartment buildings.


Despite having a reputable background and developer, the new project faced significant obscurity in the market, resulting in minimal sales. Seeking to create a positive impact and make the project the talk of the town, Khayal Properties consulted with 9Xero Digital. After a thorough analysis, 9Xero Digital devised a 12-month marketing plan, with one component being a 15-day YouTube video ad campaign, focusing on attracting high-income buyers for luxury apartments in IXORA.


  • Target high-income buyers with a minimum monthly income of 500K.
  • Identify the top features most interesting to the target audience.
  • Generate 1 million+ brand recalls in highly targeted areas of Islamabad where high-income individuals reside.
  • Create a digital ad data pool for engaged leads to retarget them on Google & social media through ads.


  • Hired brand ambassador Abdul Razaq, a renowned cricketer, to feature in video ads.
  • Implemented a synchronized digital marketing funnel across social media, the website, and Google platforms to target individuals searching for IXORA Golf View Residence.
  • Created an audience of people engaged with the content on the website and interested in making a purchase for future retargeting.
  • Optimized the landing page for speed, equipped with high-quality Calls to Action (CTA), and integrated with Google Analytics.
  • Utilized a narrow phrase keyword strategy to focus the campaign on IXORA Golf View Residence.
  • Selected areas in Islamabad, including F sector, G (few areas), Bahria Town, Rawalpindi (selected areas), for top-tier high-income buyers only.
  • Implemented a high-speed landing page with quick CTA and leads generation forms.
  • Integrated landing page form with CRM for leads automation.
  • Used Facebook pixels to track visitors and retarget them on Facebook & Instagram.
  • Utilized Google Analytics to create an engaged audience and understand visitor behavior.


The campaign ran from March 25, 2021, to September 25, 2021.

  • Featured Abdul Razad in video ads.
  • Content Types: Video Ad (long format), Animation Video Ads (short format).
  • Maintained a 1.3% Click-Through Rate (CTR).
  • Generated 4025+ highly targeted and quality leads.
  • Reduced CPC from 50 Rs. to Rs. 18, 64% Budget Optimized.¬†

ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

  • Eliminated obscurity in twin cities.
  • Filled the sales funnel with hot leads of 1000+ contacts and warm 4000+ leads.
  • Sold 7 units in the first 2 months worth 2.5 Cr. PKR, totaling PKR 15 Cr.
  • Over 150+ Hot Leads in Sales Pipeline¬†

Post-Campaign Impact

Khayal Properties ventured into digital marketing channels for the first time, achieving great results and word of mouth for their brand. Despite the project being paused due to the death of the Group chairman, they experienced construction and successful high-value sales.

I am very happy with the work that 9Xero did for us. From digital marketing planning to execution and lead generation, they provided us with CRM, the entire plan, and great visuals.

We achieved a good impression and reach in targeted cities, including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Peshawar. We obtained a good number of leads in little time.

The best thing I got from them is their availability and accessibility when we needed it.

Tufail Zaman

Managing Director Khayal Properties
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