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Digital Marketing Mistakes That Can Fail You

Mistake 1

Doing Anything Without Clearly Defined Audiences (90% of companies using personas have been able to create a clearer understanding of their buyers)

Mistake 2

Not Addressing Your Audience and Their Pain Points Directly (Companies that take extra care of customer experience drive revenue 4-8% higher than those who do not)

Mistake 3

Superficial Approach to SEO (93% of online experiences begin with a search engine)

Mistake 4

Neglecting The Keyword Research (67% of all clicks go to the first five organic results)

Mistake 5

Campaigning and Investing Without a Strategy (Only 32% of marketers have a content marketing strategy)

Mistake 6

Spending Recklessly On Paid Ads (Only 25% of money spent on digital ads reaches the right people)

Mistake 7

Expecting Results Overnight (Business leaders often get demotivated if they don’t see the immediate results of their digital marketing efforts)

Mistake 8

Posting On Social Media Without a Plan (Poorly executed social ads result in a negative emotional response in less than a second

Mistake 9

Not Using Social Proof, Including Case Studies and Success Stories (60% of B2B buyers search for peer reviews and testimonials)

Mistake 10

Blogging to Follow Trends, not to Provide Value (Marketers who blog can generate 67% more leads)


Overproducing Content and Not Focusing On Quality (60% of all content produced by brands is deemed poor, irrelevant, and not delivering results)

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