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Steps to Digital Marketing for Small Businesses Without Wasting Your Time, Effort, and Resources

1— Market Research

Find out how much is the demand for your products and services.

Who will buy from you?

Why are people buying products or services in your niche?

How many businesses are selling products and services like yours?

You can use Google to find out everything in your niche.

Also, you can use several online tools for market insights.

2— Competitor Research

Find out who are your competitors.

List all of them down.

Take top five competitors and explore their websites.

Find out:

  • Their Offers
  • Their Unique Selling Proposition
  • Their promotional strategy
  • Their content strategy
  • Their advertisements
  • Their presence on different social media platforms
  • Their tone of voice

All of the above will give you insights that you can use for your gain.

3— Create a Strategy

Now, plan everything.

  • List down your benefits (You can create them from the features of your products or services)
  • Create a Unique Selling Propositions (You can create it from your prime benefits)
  • List down all objections that customers can give.
  • Create answers to all objections
  • Create “What’s In It for Me” for your customers. (It’ll be a high-impact element for your sales.)
  • Create an Irresistible Offer (Include a guarantee)
  • Create angles that you can use during marketing
  • Create a detailed buyer persona
  • Choose marketing channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, Websites, etc.)
  • Write down your action plan in steps.


  • Create advertisements and promotional material
  • Start sending out your marketing campaigns
  • Monitor your progress
  • Improve your strategy from feedback

5— Tips for better results

  1. Start small. Focus on one marketing channel in the beginning.
  2. Hop into other marketing channels after getting success from one channel.
  3. Respond to queries in the least time. Don’t let your customers wait for a response.
  4. Use professional language during your communication.
  5. If something does not work for a month, change it.
  6. Don’t do aggressive marketing campaigns. (It’s better to be patient and wait for organic results.)
  7. If something works, stick with it for the long term.
  8. Never assume anything about your customers and results.
  9. Build your social presence and create content. (It’ll help you in marketing and convince your customers to buy from you.)
  10. Don’t change your offer or lower your price after some dry time. (You’ll get sales if you offer good value)
  11. Try to include something in your offer that others can’t offer.
  12. Create an angle of promotion that people can’t ignore your business.
  13. Include something in your advertisements that people regret not buying from you.
  14. Use social proof and testimonials to build your credibility.
  15. Keep the tone of voice consistent in all your campaigns.
  16. Remember to include a guarantee in your promotions.
  17. Keep track of your competitors (It’ll help you improve your strategy)

Selling is hard!

Marketing is harder!

But you can do it with a consistent attitude.

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