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Have You Created a Buyer Persona Before Starting Your Marketing?

If you do not know the identity of the buyer before you start marketing, then you may be shooting everywhere rather than a defined target.

As a new business in the market, you need to know your customer before offering your products or services.

Buyer Persona tells you:

·         Who is your ideal customer?

·         Who will like your product or service and come back for repeat business?

·         What do you need to include in your marketing campaigns for the best ROI?

So, you may be wondering: “Yes, I need a Buyer Persona for my Business.”


How Do I Create One?

Well, you have to create multiple buyer personas for your campaigns.

It will help you to segment the market and your target audience.

First of all, a Buyer Persona includes:

·         Gender

·         Age

·         Region

·         Income level

Secondly, you must include the following in your buyer persona to get the best results for your marketing efforts.

·         Hobbies

·         Interests

·         Ideals

·         Values

·         Lifestyle

A typical Buyer Persona for a real estate marketing company in Pakistan looks like this:

·         Male

·         35 to 60 years old

·         A resident of metropolitan cities of Pakistan

·         Earning over 150K per month

·         Watches news channels and soap operas with family

·         Interested in lucrative real estate deals that get better returns in the next five years

·         Idealizes wealthy business figures and politicians

·         Holds conservative religious values and desires to raise his children with those values

·         Lives a disciplined lifestyle where works come before pleasure

The above example gives you an idea.

You can create multiple buyer personas and create marketing and advertisement campaigns revolving around their pain points, hopes, challenges, and dreams.

Remember, for sales, you only have to hit one right point of your target audience. Next, the benefits of your product or service will compel them to buy.

When your ad campaigns focus on the right audience with the right words, you get sales.

So, create multiple Buyer Personas before every advertisement or marketing campaign.

It will get you in the right direction for maximum success.

If you need:

·         Market Research

·         Buyer Personas

·         Market Trends

For your real estate or restaurant business, don’t hesitate.

Contact us, 9XERO will give you everything that you need for abundant sales.

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