P’s of Marketing That Every Marketer Should Know!

Marketing is all about putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time! The 4Ps are: Product (or Service) Place Price Promotion Let’s look at each! Product/Service What is the desire of the customer from the product /service? What needs does it satisfy? What features does it have […]

Master 4 C’s of Marketing Mix and Achieve Your Sales Goals!

Marketing is a science that is continuously evolving, and Lauterborn presented 4C’s marketing model in 1990 to replace the 4P marketing mix model. 4C’s are: Consumer wants and needs Cost to satisfy Convenience to buy Communication Lauterborn wrote an article in 1990 and emphasized that the 4P model of marketing (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) […]

4C’s of Marketing Communication That You Should Know!

Marketing communication is an essential component of a brand’s success! David Jobber and John Fahy explored marketing communication in-depth and published their findings in their book “Foundations of Marketing” after studying numerous successful and unsuccessful brands. Successful marketing communication always needs to have four components. Otherwise, the purpose of marketing communication is lost. 4C’s of […]

Learn the Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing!

You’ll perform better as a marketing professional! In the industry, digital marketing and social media marketing are used interchangeably. But these are not the same things. In definition, marketing is the action of promoting businesses’ products or services to make them more noticeable to people and drive sales. Digital marketing is the implementation of different […]

Learn PESTTEL Analysis!

You’ll become able to create thriving businesses! Business analysis is an essential practice that ensures the success of a company and provides the right direction. PESTEL analysis is a framework of macro-environmental factors that determine the success of any business. It is an external analysis and involves doing market research. You can use PESTEL analysis […]

Learn Ansoff Model!

You’ll become able to identify business growth opportunities in challenging markets! The Ansoff Model is a matrix that helps marketing leaders identify business growth opportunities for their marketing strategies in a challenging market. It is also known as the product-market matrix. The first quadrant of the Ansoff matrix is product development strategy. It helps you […]

How to Create Go-To Marketing Strategy for a New Product?

Succeeding new products in the market is challenging, and many companies make obvious blunders while creating the market strategy.  Here is all that you have to do. Define the market and your target audience. You must clearly know who are the people you are targeting with respect to age, demographics, and buying habits. Also, create […]

Top 5 Marketing Blunders That Businesses Make at Early Stages!

If you avoid these marketing blunders, you have a better chance of business success. Here are these: Lack of research and testing Improper focusing and positioning Marketing without a USP Failing to capture repeat customers Lack of focus on customers’ needs Let’s go deep into each blunder. So, you can have more clarity. Going directly […]

How your digital marketing can fail?

Most business executives want every marketing campaign to be successful and meet business goals within the expected time. But even the most good-looking digital marketing strategy sometimes fails, wasting efforts and resources.  At every failure in marketing, the best approach is to completely audit your online marketing strategy and remove all errors from the next […]

Real Estate Marketing Explained Well in 3 Minutes!

9XERO Helps: Real Estate Agents and Realtors Real Estate Brokers Property Managers Real Estate Investors Homeowners looking to rent their property out FSBO (For Sale by Owner) Home Sellers Landlords attracting tenants General Contractors Title Companies Local Businesses Serving the Real Estate Industry House Flippers Real Estate Wholesalers Real estate marketing is a simple concept! […]

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