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Master 4 C’s of Marketing Mix and Achieve Your Sales Goals!

Marketing is a science that is continuously evolving, and Lauterborn presented 4C’s marketing model in 1990 to replace the 4P marketing mix model.

4C’s are:

  • Consumer wants and needs
  • Cost to satisfy
  • Convenience to buy
  • Communication

Lauterborn wrote an article in 1990 and emphasized that the 4P model of marketing (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) is dead. The Product-led marketing approach compelled companies to create products that customers don’t want. That’s why he replaces the first P (Product) of the marketing mix with C (Consumer wants and needs). He suggested that companies will be more successful while creating products around consumers, instead of finding consumers around products.

The second P (Price) of the marketing mix was replaced with a C (Cost to satisfy). It is a complex concept that can be understood with the example of Apple products. Lauterborn proposed that consumers always pay the cost to satisfy their wants and needs. That’s why consumers buy commodity products from superstores at heightened prices. So, products can be available from around the world within their area.

The third P (Place) of the marketing mix was replaced with C (Convenience to buy). This changed the business model forever. People have to buy their desired products from a specific store between specific intervals, such as 9 to 5. But the convenience to buy model created franchises that remain open 24/7 and everything is available round the clock. That’s why consumers buy whenever they want and create more revenue for brands due to the convenience to buy models.

The fourth P (Promotion) of the marketing mix was replaced with C (Communication). Lauterborn emphasized that customers consider every promotion as deceptive and manipulative. That’s why they don’t trust ads and buy products on recommendations. The solution for such a customer mindset is to communicate with the customer rather than sell. Marketing of products and services should communicate a message clearly and tell honestly everything. Companies should initiate a dialogue with customers and have two conversations by using communication means. That’s why post-1990 brands adapted such approached and focused on building instant customer support. As a result, brands got loyal customers.

The 4C’s of marketing combine can elevate your brand from dark alleys of the market to a shining and acceptable success example. So, devise your marketing around 4C’s mentioned in this post. You’ll be successful.

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