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Real Estate Marketing Explained Well in 3 Minutes!

9XERO Helps:

  • Real Estate Agents and Realtors
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Property Managers
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Homeowners looking to rent their property out
  • FSBO (For Sale by Owner) Home Sellers
  • Landlords attracting tenants
  • General Contractors
  • Title Companies
  • Local Businesses Serving the Real Estate Industry
  • House Flippers
  • Real Estate Wholesalers

Real estate marketing is a simple concept!

It is presenting unique value to the world to achieve your specific goals, such as:

  • Building your real estate brand
  • Attracting more clients
  • Closing real estate transactions

Real estate marketing comes down to a few simple but practical steps.

Step 1: Define Your Purpose of the Marketing Campaign

Your effort should not be done without a defined and set purpose. Otherwise, you will never achieve results.

So, clearly define: What is the objective of this marketing campaign?

Your purpose can vary according to your situation. Some common examples are:

  • To get new listing appointments
  • To acquire motivated buyers
  • To increase brand awareness
  • To beat your competitor
  • To grab your market share

Step 2: Craft Your Message

You have to communicate a distinct message to your prospects in order to achieve desired results.

But your message should never be vague, unclear, or misleading.

You have to create an offer!

You have to develop a unique selling proposition.

Yes, it’ll take some time.

So, brainstorm and write everything down.

  • What does make your business unique?
  • What is the specific value of your product?
  • How is your product better than others?
  • What do you have that others can’t offer?
  • What should you include in your offer that prospects can’t ignore you?

All of the above points will help you create an irresistible offer that’ll compel people to consider your business for purchase.

So, create a compelling offer.

Step 3: Choose Marketing Channels

This choice is a tough one. You have to decide according to your budget.

First, you can either choose traditional marketing strategies and channels or you can decide to market online.

You can choose TV Ads, billboards, flyers, wall ads, and many other options if you want to market your business using traditional means.

In digital marketing, you have plenty of options, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Search Engine Ads
  • Website Ads
  • LinkedIn

So, decide on your marketing channels and go to the next step.

Step 4: Generate Leads

Start your marketing campaign and run it through its full course.

Your target should be to create as many leads as you can.

If you have more leads, you’ll have more chances of sales.

Remember, if you are getting more leads through one particular marketing channel, extend the marketing campaign on this channel.

Step 5: Contact Your Leads

Initiate your sales process by contacting your leads.

You may have to follow up a few times to build trust and rapport with your leads.

It’s part of your business.

Step 6: Close the Deal

By following up with your leads, your aim should be to close the deal.

So, use all sales techniques and your communication skills to deliver the right message.

Always aim to close the deal.

Otherwise, it’ll be a wasted effort.

Here are some tips that’ll help you generate more leads.

  • Attend local events and promote your business by using person to person approach
  • Create marketing material and spread it in the world
  • Run as many online ads as you can. Don’t leave any advertising platform.
  • Leverage social media accounts to generate more leads

Do all of the steps mentioned in this post.

You’ll get sales.

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