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6 Types of Digital Marketing

As a business owner, you know the importance of digital marketing and its potential to create revenue streams for you.

But when you start your online marketing efforts, you get confused.

You don’t know:

  • What type of digital marketing options should you choose?
  • What option will get you the best results?
  • What option will be the best suitable for your business?

Well, here are 6 options that you can use to get leads and customers from the digital world.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization helps you appear in search engine results.

When your website is visible in search engines, traffic comes to your website.

Next, your business gets leads from the generated traffic.

To optimize your website for search engines, you have to:

  • Perform keyword research
  • Create content
  • Index your content
  • Optimize your content

If search engine optimization is perfect on your website, you’ll never have to advertise.

People will automatically come to you through organic search engine traffic.

So, do search engine optimization for your website.

Pay-per-click marketing

People love to browse websites for content.

It’s because the content is free everywhere.

But websites show ads along with content.

A small percentage of people click on the ads.

As a result, advertisers get leads and customers.

The Pay-per-click advertisement shows your ad to people who have an interest in products and services like yours.

And you only have to pay for the advertisement when a person clicks on your ad.

Pay-per-click advertisement is the quickest way to get leads.

Even you can get leads within 24 hours of your campaign.

If you want to get enough leads for your brand, it’s better to run a pay-per-click campaign for at least three months. 

It’ll not cost you much.

But you’ll get customers.

Social media marketing

Over 3 billion people are on social media daily.

That creates unlimited potential for sales.

Social media marketing allows you to promote your business to your target audience.

Popular social media platforms that can get you customers are:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Social media platforms allow you to advertise to any specific group of people.

You can target:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Gender
  • Income level
  • Interests
  • Buying habits

By doing social media marketing, you can get an unlimited number of customers.

If your ad reaches one million people and only 0.1% of people buy from your brand, you have

1000 customers.

Do the math and start social media marketing!

Content Marketing

Content marketing gives you three times the return on investment.

You create content and provide value to your audience.

Next, your content builds trust with your audience.

From your audience, people convert and buy from you.

Create valuable content if you want to do business for years to come.

Email Marketing

Email marketing gives you 40 times the return on the investment.

You only have to send emails in bulk by using email marketing software.

If you send emails to one million people, and only 0.1% buy from your brand, you have 1000 customers.

Companies are earning enormous revenue through email marketing.

Why can’t you?

Mobile Marketing

Over three billion people use smartphones for personal, business, and professional activities daily.

That’s where the opportunity lies for business.

In-App ads allow you to reach your target audience and present your offer.

Mobile marketing has become a viable option because it gets you results.

So, don’t neglect the mobile marketing option for your brand.

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