How Khayal Properties became talk of town in 30 days

How Khayal Properties Generated 8,200+ Leads and Achieved a 1.6% Conversion Rate A Quick Glance at What We Have Achieved. 6 Million + Impressions 8200 + Leads 650K + Reach 40% Ads Cost Optimization 34K + Clicks 1.75% Conversion Ratio Background Khayal Properties launched a luxury housing project in Bahria Phase 8, after delivering Minara […]

Insights on the Future of Social Media Marketing from 9Xero’s CEO Abdullah Rafiq

Abdullah Rafiq, the Founder & CEO of 9Xero Digital, delivered a keynote speech at the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) seminar on May 2, 2023. The seminar was organized to discuss the future of social media marketing and its impact on business growth.  The event aimed to provide students, researchers, and professionals with an […]

Supercharging Real Estate Sector: Bahria University and 9xero Partner to Empower Sales Teams and Drive Growth

Real estate companies are struggling to survive in today’s economy, despite having ample resources, including offices, marketing budgets, and sales teams. However, many leaders are unsure of how to build and manage an effective sales department. Recognizing this gap, 9xero, a marketing partner and consultant for renowned real estate companies, collaborated with Bahria University to […]

Unforgettable Experience: A Day of Hiking and BBQ in Masta Village

On February 11th, 2023, the 9xero team took a break from their busy schedule and headed to Masta Village, a serene location just 10 km away from The Monal Restaurant. This outdoor adventure was a much-needed respite, surrounded by tranquil pine trees and a mild cold breeze. The team started their hike early in the […]

P’s of Marketing That Every Marketer Should Know!

Marketing is all about putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time! The 4Ps are: Product (or Service) Place Price Promotion Let’s look at each! Product/Service What is the desire of the customer from the product /service? What needs does it satisfy? What features does it have […]

Master 4 C’s of Marketing Mix and Achieve Your Sales Goals!

Marketing is a science that is continuously evolving, and Lauterborn presented 4C’s marketing model in 1990 to replace the 4P marketing mix model. 4C’s are: Consumer wants and needs Cost to satisfy Convenience to buy Communication Lauterborn wrote an article in 1990 and emphasized that the 4P model of marketing (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) […]

4C’s of Marketing Communication That You Should Know!

Marketing communication is an essential component of a brand’s success! David Jobber and John Fahy explored marketing communication in-depth and published their findings in their book “Foundations of Marketing” after studying numerous successful and unsuccessful brands. Successful marketing communication always needs to have four components. Otherwise, the purpose of marketing communication is lost. 4C’s of […]

Learn the Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing!

You’ll perform better as a marketing professional! In the industry, digital marketing and social media marketing are used interchangeably. But these are not the same things. In definition, marketing is the action of promoting businesses’ products or services to make them more noticeable to people and drive sales. Digital marketing is the implementation of different […]

Learn PESTTEL Analysis!

You’ll become able to create thriving businesses! Business analysis is an essential practice that ensures the success of a company and provides the right direction. PESTEL analysis is a framework of macro-environmental factors that determine the success of any business. It is an external analysis and involves doing market research. You can use PESTEL analysis […]

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