Supercharging Real Estate Sector: Bahria University and 9xero Partner to Empower Sales Teams and Drive Growth

Real estate companies are struggling to survive in today’s economy, despite having ample resources, including offices, marketing budgets, and sales teams. However, many leaders are unsure of how to build and manage an effective sales department. Recognizing this gap, 9xero, a marketing partner and consultant for renowned real estate companies, collaborated with Bahria University to […]

How your digital marketing can fail?

Most business executives want every marketing campaign to be successful and meet business goals within the expected time. But even the most good-looking digital marketing strategy sometimes fails, wasting efforts and resources.  At every failure in marketing, the best approach is to completely audit your online marketing strategy and remove all errors from the next […]

Real Estate Marketing Explained Well in 3 Minutes!

9XERO Helps: Real Estate Agents and Realtors Real Estate Brokers Property Managers Real Estate Investors Homeowners looking to rent their property out FSBO (For Sale by Owner) Home Sellers Landlords attracting tenants General Contractors Title Companies Local Businesses Serving the Real Estate Industry House Flippers Real Estate Wholesalers Real estate marketing is a simple concept! […]

6 Types of Digital Marketing

As a business owner, you know the importance of digital marketing and its potential to create revenue streams for you. But when you start your online marketing efforts, you get confused. You don’t know: What type of digital marketing options should you choose? What option will get you the best results? What option will be […]

Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 Until Now!

With the passage of every year, digital marketing becomes more complicated. There are so many skills to master in order to provide a holistic digital marketing service. Yes, digital marketers have to master SEO, PPC, branding, and UX to deliver a complete package. But now, marketers have to know juggling between social channels, content automation, […]

Marketing Ideas When You Have Low Budget and Minimum Experience

Before the advent of the internet, marketing was costly. Every business has to allocate enough budget to get leads and close sales. That’s why plenty of salespeople in an organization was the norm. But the internet has changed everything. Now, you can market your products and services even if you have zero budget and minimum […]

How digital marketing can help your business?

So, you are a business owner and have gotten tired of running unsuccessful marketing campaigns to bring in more revenue in the last time. Or you want to earn more profits and want to explore online avenues to expand and grow your brand. In either case, online marketing is the right and practical option for […]