Linkers Builders & Developers

1313 Leads Generated

Ranked 3rd in Most Active pages on FB (Islamabad)

250K+ Engagement 26K+ Video Vides

328% more qualified leads than actual target

21% increase in page performance per week

650+ Customers engagement

10% Increase in email click through

350%+ Reach

30% CTR on Email Campaign

Beat The Clock

Linkers Builders & Developers approached us with the most common problem with all businesses during Covid-19. Sales were down, and the future scenario was not clear. It was obvious that our client cannot afford the downfall trend if it stayed like this for even a month.

We knew: we got a big challenge ahead of us. So, we took the reins in our hands and thoroughly analyzed everything about our client’s business and the current market situation. 

Next, we objectified our target and brainstormed an innovative marketing campaign, and named it “Beat the Clock.”

First, we rebranded the business according to the best guidelines. Second, we developed a conversion-focused website. Third, we developed a top-notch social media strategy. Fourth, we created all the required content, both text-based and graphic-based. In the end, we launched our campaign.

At the end of the campaign, we successfully managed to position our client as a leading real estate development business in the market.

Our stats even surprised competitors. Beat the Clock brought in 1313 leads, and the lead qualification ratio went up to 328%. We managed to rank third on Facebook regarding Islamabad’s active business pages. Plus, the outreach increased by 350% with 250k+ engaging prospects, 26k+ video views, and 650+ possible customers. Also, we managed to increase email engagement by 30%. 

Beat the Clock uplifted our client from ruins and grew the business multifold within the targeted time.

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