The A Team Real Estate & Builders

15M+ Targeted Reach

55% Ad Cost Optimized

5K+Qualified Leads

33% Click Through Ratio

6.5% Conversion Ratio

#1 Seller Award among 100+ real estate companies

The A Team Real Estate & Builders

The A Team Real Estate & Builders is the main deal holder of Al Jalil Developers for Al Jalil Developers with a network of over 30 sub-dealers. Despite having a strong network and growth trajectory, The A Team was struggling with solid digital presence and facing obscurity.

9Xero got the assignment to update the brand image and create massive brand awareness. The objective was to rightly position the brand in Lahore and subsequently generate qualified leads.

We started with a rebranding, we updated the logo, brand strategy and marketing strategy. Based on the work, we established a high-performing website. On the digital platforms, we planned and executed multiple brand awareness and sales campaigns that resulted in over 15 Million target reach in just 4 mounts. 5000+ leads were generated with over 5% conversion in the first week. We also worked to reduce the sales cycle into half through effective retargeting by adding a sales funnel.

In order to elevate the brand further, we introduced Realtors Growth Con where we gathered over 500 realtors. At the end of the quarter, The A Team was well above its competition and achieved a distinctive position in the market.
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