Al Ibrahimi Restaurant: 40 Years of Authentic Arabic Cuisine in UAE, Now the Talk of Islamabad

7.5M+ Targeted Reach

3600+ Streamers

1000+ On site Visitors

100+ Content Pieces

100K Engagement

10/10 Excellence Marks

Al Ibrahimi Restaurant, Bahria Enclave, Islamabad - Pakistan

Alibrahimi restaurant was struggling to create a spark in Islamabad as a desired food destination. 9Xero took the charge and created the slogan “Biggest Food Destination in Islamabad.” Our idea was simple but effective enough to lure the public in trying out.

During our marketing campaign, we rebranded everything and created an attention-grabbing website with information-rich content. Next, we ran a digital marketing campaign through online channels. As a result, the public started appearing in large numbers at Alibrahimi. Now, the restaurant is packed with people during weekends. Also, our campaign spread the name of Alibrahimi all over Pakistan as a must-see destination in Islamabad.

We planned Pakistan’s first online furniture gala and included what has never been shown to the public before in Pakistan. Our virtual event was full of content, discounts, offers, expert opinions, panel discussions, and masterclasses from industry experts.

The result was splendid. We managed to get 12M+ impressions and reached 6.8M+ people. 478.7K persons engaged with our online gala. Plus, we got 188.3k clicks on the website in just three days. Also, our downloads crossed 5k milestones within 10 days.

We created something that reached more than enough people, resulting in substantial revenue for our client.

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